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New work

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DH, Bars and Shoals.jpg

Two Dark Harbour prints,

Red Sails    and      Bars And Shoals

The This And The That.jpg

Relief print, The This And The That

printed on sheets from an edition of La Fontaine's Fables, published in 1828.


To visitors to Art In Lockdown, at Valentines Mansion:

Some of my work has been hung at a level that makes it very

difficult for it to be seen, particularly by children and by wheelchair users.

I have made it known to those responsible for hanging the exhibition

that the height of the hang goes against the recommendations

of Arts Council England on disability access for exhibits in a public space. 

I will be showing these works at the next Open Studios, where they

will be fully accessible to everyone.

In the light of recent events run by Vision for Redbridge, as an artist showing work in a show organised by Vision for the London Borough of Redbridge, I hereby disassociate myself from their arts policy.


"Dark Harbour"

Jam on the Marsh

St Leonards Church, Hythe

Romney Marsh

8 - 18 July 2021

DH, The Arrival of Longships.jpg

Current and forthcoming projects

Convocatoria de Sellos: Agua-Fuego

Umbral Espacio de Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina (online)


Milan Šimečka Foundation (online)

Slovakia (illustration)

International multidisciplinary research project into the fictive archive

2021-22, ISELP, Brussels

Lacuna Festival 


Fuertaventura & Lanzarote

2 July - 1 August 2021

Intaglio Miniprint Triennial

Contemporary Art Centre Kiev

September 2021

IAVPOA 1st  International Conceptual Art Biennale “Image Deconstruction"

June 17 to July 5, 2021

2nd International Printmaking Exhibition

Trakya University, Turkey

21-30 June, 2021