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All artwork work is for sale. I try to keep works affordable, so almost all are under £100, and start at £40.

For all sales and anything else, rather than use the form at the bottom of the page, please email

Pricelist below


Studied at St Andrews University, City of London Polytechnic (formerly 'the Cass'), Central St Martins College of Art

Associate lecturer, 2019 - 2021: Camberwell College of Arts, Chelsea College of Art,

Cambridge School of Art


Educator at the British Library, 2003 - 2019

Visiting lecturer, 2012 - 2019:

Royal College of Art, University of the Arts London (Camberwell College of Arts, Central St Martins College of Art & Design) - History of printing, history of publishing


Adult education tutor, 2018 to present:

Bishopsgate Institute (History of printing, Language and the First World War, History of the English language, History of the language of Food & Sport & the Home, History of the London Voice, Etymology)

Some exhibitions & projects:

The Fictive Archive, Art and Science Think Tank, ISELP, Belgium, 2021 - 2023

Black and White, Studio Next, Kolkata, July 2022

Dark Harbour, The Excursion, Special Dispensations, Norwich Playhouse, June 2022

Festival of the Smallest, Amsterdam, May 2022

Dark Harbour / Puerto Oscuro, Galería Andrómeda 3.20, Mexico City (online), 2022

Hommage à Trois, Associació Internacional Duana de les Arts, Barcelona, 2021 - 2022

Kazan International Printmaking Biennale, Tatarstan, 2021

Intaglio Miniprint Triennial, Contemporary Art Centre Kyiv, 2021

Dark Harbour, Jam on the Marsh Festival, 2021

Going Home, Contemporary Applied Art, 2015

Subversive Design, Brighton Museum, 2013

Gone Away, Valentines Mansion, 2010

Births, Chimneys and Lightermen, Greenwich Peninsula, 2008

Medicine Now, Wellcome Collection, 2007 - 2014

Words and Forgetting, Kings Lynn, 2007

Encounters with Objects, Hunt Museum, Limerick, Ireland, 2006

Contemporary Art Norwich, 2005

Sample, Embroiderers’ Guild, Williamson Art Gallery, Dutch Textile Museum, Hall Place, 2003

Treat Yourself, Wellcome Collection / Science Museum, 2002

Welsh National Eisteddfod, St Davids, Pembroke, 2002

Lies and Belonging, Hastings Museum, 2001

World Health Organisation, UK / Germany / Iceland, 2000

In the Picture, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 2000

Walking on Eggshells, Nottingham, 2000

New Contemporaries, 1999

Mr & Mrs Walker Have Moved, Kettles Yard, 1998, with Anne Eggebert

Artist in Residence, The Natural History Museum, London, 1996-7

Work in Public Collections

The Natural History Museum

London Metropolitan University

Worcester City Museum & Art Gallery

Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery

Wellcome Collection

The New Art Gallery Walsall

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

The Public, West Bromwich

Biblioteca de Catalunya


First prize, Owen Rowley Memorial Prize, 1991

Ramlösa Student Design Award, 1992

Joint first prize, Art and Work Award, 2002

Jurors' mention, "Hommage à Trois",Associació Internacional Duana de les Arts:


Highlight award, 2022 International Biennial of Miniature Prints, Proyectarte, Laguna Paiva, Argentina.

I am available for talks and courses on the history of printing, on the history of the English language, and, when possible, critical tours of the British Library Treasures Gallery.

For books on the English language during the First World War, etymology, and social history, see (but don't buy on) my Amazon author page 

Studio 1, Valentines Mansion, Ilford, IG1 4XA

facebook Julian Walker

instagram julianwalkerartist


I am no longer using twitter


Prices, April 2022

'The Entire Theatre of the World' works are £70 + postage.


Dark Harbour


Postcards  £50



Dark Harbour, Heaving To                                              £80

Dark Harbour, Unidentified Meteorological Condition    £80

Dark Harbour, Bare Poles                                              £80

Dark Harbour, The White Ship                                       £80

Dark Harbour, More Flags                                              £80

Dark Harbour, postmark, The Crows                              £60

Dark Harbour, Among Rocks                                          £60

Dark Harbour, The Undertow                                          £60

Dark Harbour, The Boiler Rooms                                    £60

Dark Harbour, Man Overboard                                      £150


The Wind’s Eyes                                                             £60

The Incessant Rain                                                         £60

The Lifeboat Museum                                                     £60

The Engineer's Report (confidential)                              £60

Storm Expected                                                              £60

The Communications Blanket                                         £360

The Small Sea Blanket                                                   £360

The Electric Fog Blanket                                                £420

Dark Harbour, the Abandoned Gasworks                       £100

Dark Harbour, Smoke and Mist 1                                    £80

Dark Harbour, Smoke and Mist 2                                    £80

DH, the citadel and car park                                           £60

DH, pattern from a fisherman's jersey                            £260

DH, the harbour-master's blazer badge                         £260

Dark Harbour, Concerns Regarding Silting                    £90

Dark Harbour, Eastern Approaches                               £80

The road to the Dark Harbour                                        £60

Dark Harbour, Port Starboard, 1                                    £60

Dark Harbour, Today's Excursion Will Not Take Place           £60

Dark Harbour, The Signaller's Story                              £60

Dark Harbour, Returning Longships                              £60

Dark Harbour, The Young Pilot                                      £60

Dark Harbour, Coastal Waters & Dr Szekely's Message      NFS

Approaching from the south                                           £60

1 bar, rising                                                                     £60

DH, Sketch of Marine Excavatory                                  NFS    

DH, Holding Area No 5                                                   £60

DH, Guide for Tourists                                                    £60

DH, Staff Insignia                                                            £60

DH, Good Visibility                                                          £60

Dark Harbour, Graffiti                                                      £60

DH, Well Done                                                                £100

Dark Harbour, Minutes                                                   £60

DH, The Harbour-Master's House                                  £60

DH, The Pilots' Office                                                     £60

Dark Harbour, The Boatswain's Tale                              £90

Dark Harbour, 5 Fathom Test                                          £90

The Arrival of Longships                                                  £90

DH, Pressurised Water-levelling System                         £60

March sunrise                                                                  £80

Bars and Shoals                                                              £80

Red Sails                                                                         £80

Dark Harbour 1, etching                                                  £60

Dark Harbour 2, etching                                                  £60

DH, Heavy Rain, Structural Damage                              £60

DH, The Lighthouse                                                        £160

Dark Harbour, Night Pilot's Guide                                   £160


Letterpress-based prints                                                 £60  

R & J, set of monoprints                                                 £150


Lockdown day prints                                                       £50


Relief prints


City Stressed, 03                                                            £80

Relief print, The This And The That                                £80

Broken Landscape 1                                                      £100

City Stressed 2                                                               £80

Calm Sea                                                                        £60

Some Time Ago                                                              £60

Lost Leaders                                                                  £60

Light to Variable                                                             £60

Lost Leaders 6                                                               £60

Matters of Concern                                                        £80

City Stressed 1 (Home Page)                                        £60

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