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DH, the wind's eyes_edited.jpg

The Wind's Eyes

Postage stamps, 3 x 2 cm

Dark Harbour

These works developed from a disappointment. Hesitating too long, I failed to buy a print by William Black, entitled ‘Dark Harbour’. Working from memory, I set about trying to recreate the image, and to pursue it across a range of visual art media, printmaking in relief and intaglio, collage, drawing and sculpture. A pattern of motifs became established as a compositional structure, together with a field of verbal imaginings and allusions. It quickly became apparent that ‘Dark Harbour’ was creating more by its absence than by its still missed presence. ‘Dark Harbour’ is about wanting something that is not what I wanted it to be, about the space of disappointment and wanting, the compensations and comforts of loss, and the attraction and distrust of nostalgia. It is all the places I have felt comfortable of being wary of, and those places that I have felt wary of being comfortable with.

At the back of my mind has been the relationship with home, particularly the difficulties attendant on revisiting the childhood home. Living within walking distance of where I was born and brought up carries the awareness of an inaccessible place, too far and too near.

Looking at the project some time after it started, the relationship between shapes imply slippage and disconnection as well as echoes of forms already there in the photographs and postcards, maybe an attempt to grasp hold of and reinvent something which is always slipping away.

DH fourth bollard.jpg

October 2022 - January 2023, ‘Dark Harbour: The Valley’.

“‘Dark Harbour’ began with trying to hold on to memories of a lost work; only its title was secure in my mind. Attempts to recreate the essence of the work led to explorations of memory, loss, nostalgia and early memories of analysing the composition of pictures. ‘Dark Harbour: The Valley’ references a number of locations from a lifetime lived mostly within a bus-ride of the River Lea.” 

40 works from the past three years include stitch, printmaking and collage. 

Leaving Dark Harbour 7.JPG

Leaving Dark Harbour 7

Mixed media print, 15 x 10cm

Leaving Dark Harbour 5.JPG

Leaving Dark Harbour 5

Mixed media print, 15 x 10cm

Leaving Dark Harbour 1.jpg

Leaving Dark Harbour 2

Mixed media print, 15 x 12cm

Oddicombe Beach.jpg
Leaving Dark Harbour 6.JPG

Leaving Dark Harbour 6

Mixed media print, 15 x 10cm

Leaving Dark Harbour 4.JPG

Leaving Dark Harbour 4

Mixed media print, 15 x 10cm

Leaving Dark Harbour 2.jpg

Leaving Dark Harbour 1

Mixed media print, 15 x 12cm

Oxwich Bay.jpg
Holyhead, South Stack Lighthouse.JPG

Four etched views

vintage postcards, ink, edition of 4

DH El Joven.JPG

El Joven Sueña Con El Mar

Mixed print techniques, 20 x 29cm

DH, the Harbour Grill.jpg

The Harbour Grill

Mixed print techniques, 35 x 40cm


The Excursion

An edition of 50 found photographs with stencil, presented via Special Dispensations, whereby people can acquire a work sight unseen, via a dispensing machine.


Pier from cliff, Clacton-on-Sea.JPG
Southend on Sea, Sea front.jpeg
Durley Chine Bournemouth.jpeg


Found postcards, print, 15 x 10cm

DH, Le Trein Bleu_edited.jpg

Dark Harbour, Le Train Bleu

Stencil print on photographs, each 6 x 9 cm

DH, The Incessant Rain_edited.jpg

The Incessant Rain

Postage stamps, 3 x 3cm

DH, The Lifeboat Museum_edited.jpg

The Lifeboat Museum

Postage stamps 3 x 2.5cm

Dark Harbour, Appalling Weather.jpg

Dark Harbour, Particularly Appalling Weather

Etching, 11 x 6cm 

Mariners' Homes.jpg

Mariners' Homes

overprinted photographs

Dark Harbour, Heaving To_edited.jpg

Dark Harbour, Heaving To

Mixed print, 14 x 18 cm

DH, Unidentified Meteorological Conditio

Dark Harbour, Unidentified Meteorological Condition

Mixed print, 14 x 18 cm

DH, Bare Poles.jpg

Dark Harbour, Loaded

Mixed print, 14 x 18 cm

Dark Harbour, The Communications Balnket

The Communications Blanket

Canvas matrix, wool, wire, 19 x 14cm

DH, the small sea blanket, 18 x 11cm_edi

The Small Sea Blanket

Canvas matrix, wool, 18 x 11cm

DH, electric fog blanket, 15x10_edited.j

The Electric Fog Blanket

Canvas matrix, wool, cotton string, copper wire, 15 x 10cm

Dark Harbour, the Abandoned Gasworks_edi

Dark Harbour, the Abandoned Gasworks

Etching & relief print, 26 x 20cm

Dark Harbour, Smoke and Mist 1.JPG

Dark Harbour, Smoke and Mist 1

Etching and relief print, 14 x 10 cm

Dark Harbour, Smoke and Mist 2.JPG

Dark Harbour, Smoke and Mist 2

Etching and relief print, 14 x 10 cm

DH, the citadel and car park.JPG

DH, the citadel and car park

Wood engraving, 55mm sq

Dark Harbour, pattern from a fisherman's

DH, pattern from a fisherman's jersey

Wool on canvas, 60 x 40mm

DH, Storm Damage 1_edited.jpg
DH, the harbour-master's blazer badge, 8

DH, the harbour-master's blazer badge

Embroidery, 85 x 52mm

DH, Storm Damage 2_edited.jpg

DH, preparatory etchings, h 10cm

Dark Harbour, Concerns regarding silting, 20x15.jpg

Dark Harbour, Concerns Regarding Silting

Lino and stencil, 20 x 15cm

Edition of 8



Dark Harbour, Eastern Approaches.jpg

Dark Harbour, Eastern Approaches

Lino reduction print

Edition of 6


The Road to the Dark Harbour

23 x 29mm

Dark Harbour, the excursion has been can

Dark Harbour, Today's Excursion Will Not Take Place

Monoprint on railway tickets


Dark Harbour, Port Starboard, 1

Postage stamps


Dark Harbour, The Signaller's Story

postcard with type


Dark Harbour, Returning Longships

Overprinted postage stamps

Coastal Waters.jpg

Dark Harbour, Coastal Waters

Carte de visite, ink


Approaching from the South 

Dark Harbour, Warm waters.jpg

Dark Harbour, The Young Pilot

postage stamp

DH Dr Szekely's message .jpg

Dark Harbour, Dr Szekely's Message

Carte de visite, ink, gouache


1 bar, rising


DH, Holding Area No 5

Wood engraving, small

DH, Guide for Tourists

Wood engraving, small

Dark Harbour, Sunset, 1.jpg

Dark Harbour, Minutes

postage stamp, type

DH The Pilots' Office.jpg
Dark Harbour, Well Done_edited.jpg

DH, Well Done

Altered coin and medal

The Harbour-master's House.JPG

DH, The Pilots' Office

66 x 37mm

DH, The Boatswain's Tale.jpg

Dark Harbour, The Boatswain's Tale

engraved bone, 40 x 30mm

DH, The Arrival of Longships_edited.jpg

DH, The Harbour-Master's House

Wood engraving

DH, 5 fathom test_edited.jpg

Dark Harbour, 5 Fathom Test

Engraved found glass

DH Arr Longships 10.jpg
DH Arr Longships 25.jpg

The Arrival of Longships

Set of 6 overprinted stamps, edition of 6

DH, Pressurised water-levelling system.j

DH, Pressurised Water-levelling System

Embossed paper, ink

DH sunrise.jpg

March sunrise

Relief print, edition of 6

DH, Bars and Shoals_edited_edited.jpg

Bars and Shoals

Relief print

Dark Harbour 1a.jpg

Dark Harbour 1


DH Red Sails.jpg

Red Sails

Relief print

Dark Harbour 2.jpg

Dark Harbour 2


Dark Harbour, Heavy Rain, Structural Damage.jpg

DH, Heavy Rain, Structural Damage

Etching, 18 x 13cm

DH, the Lighthouse.jpg

DH, The Lighthouse

carved apple wood, h 15cm

DH, night pilot's guide comp.jpeg

Dark Harbour, Night Pilot's Guide

carved tagua, 44mm high

DH, the engineer's report (confidential)

The Engineer's Report (confidential)

Postage stamps, type, 5 x 4cm

DH, Storm Expected_edited_edited.jpg

Storm Expected

postage stamps, type, 4 x 4cm


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