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Reactive mark-making

Alterations, interventions, deliberate mistakes

Swirl plate 2020b.jpg
Swirl plate 2020c.jpg
Swirl plate 2020a.jpg

Engraving on glass 'Swirl' pattern plates, made by Chance Glass in the 1960s.

Teapot 2020d.jpg
Teapot 2020a.jpg
Teapot 2020c.jpg
Teapot 2020b.jpg

Nothing Absolves Us         


engraved Wedgwood teapot.

A Summary of Affairs 14.jpg
of King Charles 483.jpg

A Summary of Affairs 14

Altered page

Of King Charles 483

Altered page

R&J1 set.jpg

Romeus and Juliet

Overprinted pages


Sir Thomas Browne's Observations on the Ostrich

Carved and inked ostrich egg


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