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The relief prints are woodcuts and wood engravings, printed on a 19th-century cast iron press, or burnished by hand. Papers used range from John Purcell 160gsm to Hosho 46gsm. Inks are oil-based or water-based.

City Stressed 03_edited.jpg

Matters of Concern

Wood engraving, 75 x 38mm

The This And The That.jpg

Relief print, The This And The That

printed on sheets from an edition of La Fontaine's Fables, published in 1828.

The 'same but inverted' composition reflects the duality in many of La Fontaine's & Aesop's fables, indicating that there are often two ways of looking at a situation, and that to get a whole understanding we much take into account another's way of looking, which may turn out to be remarkably similar in structure to our own. An observation, rather than a guiding thought.

LFWW cover image JW.jpg

Broken Landscape 1. Woodcut on Hosho 46gsm paper, 

20 x 26 cm. Edition of 25.

City stressed 02 proof.jpg

City Stressed 2, wood engraving on tissue paper. 6.5 x 4 cm. Edition of 50.

Woodcut 08.jpg

3 woodcuts made solely with a drill.

Wood engravings

The Harbour-master's House.JPG
Calm Sea.JPG
Some Time Ago.JPG

The Harbour-Master's House

Calm Sea

Some Time Ago

Lost Leaders.JPG

Lost Leaders

Light to Variable.JPG

Light to Variable

Lost leaders 06.jpg

Lost Leaders 6

These prints began as the first layers of multi-layered prints, but stand in their own right. Printed in Hosho paper, about 40 x 35 cm.

Walking away, no, really, walking away,

Walking away, no, really, walking away, 1


Walking away, no, really, walking away, 2

Still locked, still down, 1.jpg

Still locked, still down, 1


Still locked, still down, 2

Still locked, still down, 3.jpg

Still locked, still down, 3

Still locked, still down, 4.jpg

Still locked, still down, 4


Summer and Autumn 2020, relief print on wood, lino, plastic, found objects


Place in the sun, 1

77 x 55mm

Walker_J, Place in the sun, 4.JPG

Place in the sun, 4

61 x 61mm

Walker_J, Place in the sun, 5.JPG

Place in the sun, 5

70 x 40mm


The Ways

Wood engraving on Hosho paper, 25 x 20mm


City Stressed 03

51 x 80 mm

Wood engraving on Hosho paper

edition of 50

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