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Fictive Archive Investigations, an international project run under the auspices of ISELP, Brussels., January 2021 to June 2022.

My starting point was Sir Thomas Browne's Musaeum Clausum (The Sealed Museum), a text describing an imagined museum; the text, also known as Bibliotheca Abscondita, was published after Browne's death, in 1684. It can be linked to other lost or never-existing museums and collections, such as the burned library of Don Quixote, the destroyed part of the Jesuit library in Brussels eaten by mice in 1773, the items in the Liverpool Museum destroyed in the Blitz in 1941, and books and manuscripts lost in the fire in the Cottonian library in 1731. And two questions: the relationship between memories real and created memories; and the relationship between documentation and the object. 

I am currently working in two areas. With Philippe Beck, on a photograph of a door handle, which I am describing in such detail as to remove the necessity for the original photograph. And with Céline Cuvelier and Juan Cardenas on the lost sequence of video showing the search for a set of keys, which appeared on one participant screen during a Zoom meeting; to date this has produced a text describing the search in my memory to recreate the lost sequence of events.




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